Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fence Jumpers vs The Rednecks

Some people seriously amaze me. They are so ignorant and filled with hatred. I am sick of every discussion about immigration being centered around Mexicans. There millions of illegal immigrants in the US from around the world--not just Mexico or Latin America. There are "illegals" in the US from New Zealand, Australia ...and many other countries. Those people aren't singled out because they aren't brown. Gimme a break.

It is as ignorant to say that Mexicans are "fence jumpers" as it is for me to call white people who watch racing on Sundays "rednecks". I hope my daughter can grow up in a country that is diverse and proud of diversity. That is not the current state of the U.S. I'm not trying to be all political about it. I am living in the disaster that is current immigration law. To be quite honest, it sucks. I don't like not being able to live with my husband legally in the United States because of the hoops we have to jump through to do it legally.

I don't know if anybody is going to read this, or if it is simply a place for me to vent, but I'd sure like for people to hear my story and the MILLIONS of other stories from people around the world (not just in Mexico) who are in, or were in, similar situations. Something has got to change now.

By the way, my husband never jumped a fence.
Thanks for listening.

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