Monday, January 11, 2010


Some of our dear friends have gone through the process of applying for the spousal visa these past few months. The husband had his interview today in Juarez and he got the visa! Congrats!

As much as I want to be 100% happy for them, I am green with envy. My hubby tells me to be happy for them as their situation is different from's apples and oranges. The thing is....the situations may be different, but the reasons for wanting our spouses to have visas are the same. We both want to be able to raise our families in a safer country than Mexico and closer to our families.

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for them, but watching them go through everything brings back all the memories from when we were in Juarez waiting for our interview and the tears strolling down Enrique's face when he walked out of the embassy, and him shaking his head.

We never gave up. We never said, well this is it. I guess our relationship is over. But a lot has changed since our interview and now we have a little girl to think about. I can't stand having her far away from my family.

Jan. 2007 was the worst year of my life. Enrique's visa was denied and two weeks later my dad passed away suddenly. I picked myself by the bootstraps and lived in Enrique's and my house in SLC by myself for another year. The feelings of sadness and loss were undescribable during that month. It just wasn't fair......I still think it's not fair. Enrique was in the country illegally. I get it. He didn't kill anyone, or deal drugs, or steal things. He simply did what he could to get to a country to get some money to help out his family and give himself a more optimistic life.

We spent over 4,000 dollars going through our visa process, just to be denied. Minimum wage here in Mexico City is less than 6 dollars per day. How long would Enrique have had to save up to pay for the legal fees involved in getting a visa on his for thought.

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